As Voted By Readers Of The Pit – Here Are The Best Metal Albums Of 2022 So Far

As Voted By Readers Of The Pit - Here Are The Best Metal Albums Of 2022 So Far
Impera: Zbigniew Bielak, Loma Vista/ Zeal & Ardor: Noé Herrmann (art design), Nico Charon (illustrations), MVKA/ It's Time... To Rise from the Grave: Matt Browning, Prosthetic Records
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Author: Michael Pementel

Last week we asked readers of The Pit to vote for their favorite metal album of the year so far; well now we have the results, and we can confirm (as voted by you), what the best metal albums of 2022 are (so far).

Based on the results we got, we decided to rank the albums via a top 10 list, with first place being the most voted for album by readers of The Pit.

But before we begin, we want to shout out five honorable mentions that just barely made the top ten. Those metal albums are:

15. Crowbar – Zero and Below

14. George “Corpsegrinder” FisherCorpsegrinder

13. Shadow of IntentElegy

12. Cave In – Heavy Pendulum

11. Septicflesh – Modern Primitive

Without further ado, here are the top 10 metal albums of 2022 so far, as voted by you, The Pit readers:

10. UndeathIt’s Time… To Rise from the Grave

Undeath are one of the biggest bands in the new wave of American death metal. It’s Time… To Rise from the Grave is their second studio album. We got to chat with Undeath singer Alex Jones about this new record; you can check out that interview via this link here.

9. Papa RoachEgo Trip

The 11th studio album from Papa Roach, Ego Trip, continues the band’s tradition of blending nu metal with hard rock and punk.

8. IbarakiRashomon

Ibaraki is the black metal side project of Trivium singer Matt Heafy. Rashomon makes for an extraordinary take on black metal. To learn more about this record, check out our interview with Heafy via this link here.

7. Zeal & ArdorZeal & Ardor

The third studio album from avant-garde metal act Zeal & Ardor. A breathtaking work of technicality and style that offers tremendous emotional depth.

6. Foo FightersDream Widow

The Foo Fighters blend thrash, death, and stoner metal together on Dream Widow. This record is meant as a sort of fun companion piece alongside that of the rock act’s latest horror-comedy movie, Studio 666. It is also the last studio album from the band to feature the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

5. Fit For An AutopsyOh What The Future Holds

The band’s sixth studio album, Fit For An Autopsy remain one of the heaviest bands in all of deathcore.

4. KornRequiem

The 14th studio album to come from the legendary nu metal act. We recently ranked all of the Korn albums from worst to best – curious to know where this landed on our personal ranking?

3. MeshuggahImmutable

The band’s ninth studio album, Meshuggah once again delivers an absolutely crushing work of stunning technicality. We spoke to band drummer Tomas Haake about this album some months ago; you can follow this link here to read that interview.

2. GhostImpera

The fifth studio album to come from Ghost, Impera makes for a brilliant work that offers both stadium rock and metal. Sometime ago, we spoke to Ghost singer Tobias Forge about the success of Impera; to read that interview, follow this link here.

1. RammsteinZeit

As their eighth studio album, Zeit makes for another captivating entry in the Rammstein discography. The band will be coming to North America soon for a new tour!

Dang, it seems a whole lot of you really enjoy the new Rammstein album (which is an incredible record). We also want to mention that, alongside the albums we included in our poll, many of you wrote in a great amount of other bands. It’s awesome to see so many bands from various subgenres of metal get so much love.

Now that the official data is in based on votes made by readers of The Pit, what are your thoughts on this top ten ranking? What metal albums are currently your favorite of the year so far? What upcoming metal albums are you most excited to listen to?

Come November, we will conduct another one of these polls and ask what you think the best metal album of 2022 is.