Rob Halford Says “It’s impossible” For A Band Like Judas Priest To Start Over Their Career Today And Be Successful

Rob Halford Says "It's impossible" For A Band Like Judas Priest To Start Over Their Career Today And Be Successful
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Author: Michael Pementel

In a recent interview with Estonia’s Skyportaal, singer Rob Halford spoke about how young bands should utilize social media to their advantage, and that it would be “impossible” for a band like Judas Priest to start over their career today and be successful.

At one point during the interview, Halford is asked if his passion for creating music helped in making Judas Priest a successful band; the interviewer also points out how that, while many people may have the same amount of passion, they may not receive the same level of success.

This is what Rob Halford had to say in the interview:

“Yeah, well, you know, we talk about destiny a lot in Judas Priest songs, you talk about fate a lot in Judas Priest songs. There are so many bands, so many incredibly talented bands that only get so far in their journey. And that’s just the way life works; there’s so many incredibly talented people in the creative world. The way the world works, the brakes, and the good luck, and the timing, and all of these things play a role in you being able to move forward.

“One of the great benefits of today’s world is this that we are doing now [referring to Halford’s current interview taking place over video chat], you have these opportunities like with Instagram and Tiktok and Facebook and Telegram and, and all these other social platforms where you can put out your creativity. So that’s something we didn’t have when we began, so we’re always urging new metal bands, new metal artists to utilize what can be provided through the world wide web.

“Having said that, it is so tough… for bands, for individuals, that are really, really talented and for whatever reason, they can’t get to that next place. But here’s the thing, when you have the passion, regardless of the circumstances, you never give up, you never quit. That’s the simplest thing in the world to say, ‘That’s it, it’s finished, it’s done.’ And then you wake up the next day and whatever you had is gone, it’s lost, you know?”

Halford then goes on to share:

“So, how do you determine success? Is success selling a million records? I don’t think it is. … Success to me is like two or three people showing up to a show. That to me is a success; that to me is your connectivity, that to me is your passion being shared and exchanged with another person.”

The interviewer later asks the Judas Priest singer that if the band were to start over today, does he think that a modern day Judas Priest would reach the same level of success that the band has reached over the course of their career.

“No, it wouldn’t,” Halford says. “It’s impossible. It’s just simply, first of all, it’s the name. The embodiment of Judas Priest is as you see it now. It’s just like this big giant piece of metal that’s immovable.”

What Rob Halford has to say here is an interesting and valid point, given that a lot of artists and bands have found success through the likes of social media. However, some would argue that social media can also be a damaging factor in an artist’s career.

Earlier today, we shared a story about Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda talking about his frustrations regarding how artists are pressured to create social media content (when they could be spending that time making art).

Between what Rob Halford has said and Mike Shinoda’s thoughts – how do you think social media should be handled by bands/artists?

You can watch the full interview featuring the Judas Priest singer below:

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