‘I didn’t fit and they saw that’: Primus Frontman Les Claypool Talks Auditioning For Metallica

'I didn’t fit and they saw that': Primus Bassist Talks Auditioning For Metallica
Les Claypool: Primus Facebook/ Metallica: Kreepin Deth (Wikimedia Commons)
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Can you imagine a world where Primus bassist and singer Les Claypool is in Metallica? Well, it could have happened. Way back in the day, the Primus frontman actually did try out for the legendary thrash metal band.

Via an interview with Goldmine magazine, Primus bassist and singer Les Claypool was asked about when he auditioned to play in Metallica. Per Claypool, he talks about how he understands why the band didn’t pick him for the role of band bassist – how he “didn’t fit and they saw that.”

This audition took place sometime after the passing of original Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Below you will find what Les Claypool had to say about his Metallica audition.

Primus frontman talks auditioning for Metallica

Goldmine: Do you think that being passed over by Metallica in the end turned out to be a blessing, as it allowed you to pursue all of these different creative paths?

[Les Claypool]: “At the time I didn’t think that. I thought that I would be able to quit my carpentry job and head to Japan. But there’s a reason why they didn’t pick me. I didn’t fit and they saw that. I had my own thing going and it was a wise move on their part. And even when it came up again they knew that I wasn’t the right guy for it and they got the perfect person. Robert (Trujillo) is one of the nicest humans that I have ever met in the music industry and he’s a monster bass player.”

What do you think – could Les Claypool have been a good fit for Metallica?

Primus recently released a three-track EP titled Conspiranoid; you can listen to the song “Conspiranoia” below.

The band will also be taking part in a special concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the adult animated show South Park. Primus actually recorded the theme song for South Park. The show is taking place on August 10th at the Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will also be present. Tickets for that show are available to purchase here.


Words by: Michael Pementel