Watch: Power Trip Guitarist Says He Has ‘A lot of songs in the tank’

Watch: Power Trip Guitarist Says He Has 'A lot of songs in the tank'
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In a few months, it will have been two years since Power Trip singer Riley Gale passed away. Prior to Gale’s passing, the band released multiple EPs and two studio albums – offering a plethora of incredible thrashing music.

With the passing of Riley Gale, many were not sure what the future of the band might be. However, via a recent interview with Banger TV, Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez recently shared that he has “a lot of songs in the tank.”

Now, it isn’t clear if this new material will involve Power Trip, for Ibanez does talk about being in another side project. But he does say that, regarding what he has worked up, folks will be into it (especially if they liked the last Power Trip album Nightmare Logic).

Per Ibanez:

“Got a lot of music, a lot of songs in the tank. So keep your eyes peeled for what that becomes. I think everybody here, especially that enjoyed Nightmare Logic will really like it. Next thing. Spent a lot of time working on it the last few years.”

“I’m doing another side project just kind of while I wait for things to fall into place with all that. That’ll be more thrash. It’s a little more downtuned to D [on guitar]. So I’m gonna do a band that’ll be coming out pretty soon. People that like all the Power Trip stuff, then they’ll be excited for what’s coming. I can’t say exactly what it is or isn’t gonna be. But the plan right now is for it to continue. So that’s all I can really say right now.”

Whatever Ibanez has in the works, we are excited to hear it! You can find the video below of Blake Ibanez being interviewed by Banger TV.

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