Municipal Waste Singer Tony Foresta Worked For The WWE Over The Pandemic

Municipal Waste Singer Worked For The WWE Over The Pandemic
WrestleMania: Shared Account. Miguel Discart (Wikimedia Commons)/ Tony Foresta: Stefan Bollmann (Wikimedia Commons)
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Author: Michael Pementel

During a recent conversation on No Fuckin’ Regrets – the podcast of Machine Head singer Robb FlynnMunicipal Waste singer Tony Foresta talked about how he took on a job with the WWE over the pandemic.

The conversation starts with Foresta talking about visiting Disney World, moving to Florida, and the pandemic kicking into high gear. He shares that, a few months before the pandemic, he took a personal hiatus from music so he and his partner could move to Florida and get things together (before heading out on the road for touring); but right as he was about to get back to work in Municipal Waste – the pandemic hit.

This is when Foresta brings up his job with the WWE.

Municipal Waste singer talks WWE

“I think the shut down happened a few weeks before [our tour with Testament was to kick off].

“I feel like a lot of people went either one way or the other [handling the pandemic]; where they dug into their addictions or bad behavior, or got out of it, and figured out different ways to use their focus. I definitely took a positive route out of it and I’m real thankful and lucky for it. It has been a wild experience.

“I got a job with WWE during the thing. They had the bubble [the ThunderDome] here in St. Petersburg – that’s where I live. One of my really good friends works there, and she’s like, ‘Well you ain’t doing shit, you want to come work in the bubble? You live down the road.’ I was like ‘Fuck yeah!’; I’m a big wrestling fan.

“I spent a lot of that time in there; and then when it moved from St. Pete [sic] to Tampa, they brought me along for that. Then I ended up helping set up WrestleMania; I was out there for a month at the stadium. It was fucking awesome; I had a WWE band at the end of it. Then when they started going on the road and they asked me to do that a little bit, I fucked my knee up. [Robb Flynn asks Foresta what the WWE asked him to do] – just work help, I was being a runner… They wanted me to do that and I fucked my knee up really bad [at] WrestleMania, not wrestling.”

Foresta then concludes the story speaking to how the knee injury lined up with the band being able to play live again and him having to deal with that injury.

We got to say though, what a very fucking cool side hustle! To work in the WWE – to work WrestleMania nonetheless – that is sick as hell!

You can find the video footage featuring the conversation involving Machine Head singer Robb Flynn and that of Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta below: