Machine Head Singer Calls The Late Trevor Strnad A ‘Metal Ambassador,’ Speaks To How He Helped Shape ‘The Blackening’

Trevor Strnad
Robb Flynn: Machine Head Facebook/ Trevor Strnad: The Black Dahlia Murder Facebook
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Last week, The singer of The Black Dahlia Murder, Trevor Strnad, passed away. He was 41 years old.

There has been a great grief felt throughout the metal community since news of Trevor’s passing arrived via a statement from the band. Along with a tremendous amount of fans expressing sadness and speaking to how much Trevor meant to them, many metal artists have also taken to social media, speaking to the impact Trevor Strnad had on the metal world.

One metal artist who has shared their respects for the late Trevor Strnad is that of Machine Head singer Robb Flynn. On his podcast No Fuckin’ Regrets, Flynn spoke to his relationship with that of the late singer. Along with that podcast episode (which you can find below), Flynn also wrote an editorial via Metal Hammer that conveys what he states in the episode.

The Machine Head singer wrote the following about Trevor:

“He and I just hit it off. He had this ridiculously hot girl with him, but he ended up staying out with me all night. We got shit-faced – absolutely annihilated. He actually threw up on the bar at one point when we were doing shots, then kept on drinking! This was the first time I hung out with the guy, and it was like I’d known him for 10 years. I was absolutely raging with him, laughing my ass off. He was the sort of person who could hang out with anybody and you’d be best friends right away.

“We mostly talked about music and about metal. We talked about how our tours were going, and how great Municipal Waste were. I ended up picking his brain: ‘You heard any good bands that you’re loving right now?’

“I’ll never forget it, cos he told about this band Scarlet, and I’ve never forgotten it. The opening song on their record was called ‘Obsolete,” man, I must have listened to that song 500 times at least. I was listening to it when we were working on The Blackening, and that one song had such an influence on that record – the way I started the record, the way I played some of the songs. And that was all down to Trevor, because he turned me onto this band.

“He was more knowledgeable about metal than most people I know. He was constantly going down YouTube rabbit holes, just listening to demo bands. He was so into it. I don’t know if we could have asked for a better ambassador for metal than him.”

Trevor Strnad has left a remarkable impact on the metal world. One fan who looked up to Trevor decided to start a petition to make sure that the late singer would be recognized for all his incredible work. To learn more about that petition, you can click on the link below.

Fans Rally Together To Get The Black Dahlia Murder Singer Trevor Strnad Memorialized At Next Year’s Grammys


Words by: Michael Pementel