Watch: Local Death Metal Band Performs For Runners During A Stormy Marathon

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Stephanie Strasburg Twitter
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Typically while taking part in a marathon, it isn’t every day you find a death metal band performing for you from the sidelines.

A local death metal band called Leprosy thought it would be fun to support the runners of the Pittsburgh Marathon with some heavy as hell tunes.

Stephanie Strasburg, a journalist based in Pittsburgh, gave a shout out to Leprosy’s performance via her Twitter. Strasburg wrote the following:

How friggin’ cool is that?

Regarding that marathon, the band shared the following message via their Facebook page back on April 27th:

“Greetings my metal family! We here at Leprosy HQ care about our community, the wellbeing of our people & of course our livestock! We were thinking “how can we motivate health & exercise with a BOAT LOAD OF METAL in our beloved town!!,.. After much brainstorming we decided what would be better than to perform our family friendly metal favorites at the 2022 PITTSBURGH MARATHON – Sun 05/01/2022! You heard right.. We will be there cranking our healthy motivational tunes from 7am to 12pm at the corner of Frankstown Ave & Lincoln Ave, Mile marker 19. So swing on by or run whatever the case may say BREEEEE…See ya there!”

Per the band’s Bandcamp page, the description associated with Leprosy is as follows:

“Imagine if you would… horror, blood & gore…SPLATTERED with a heaping serving of true old school death metal all crammed into a meatgrinder and served with a smile! THIS IS LEPROSY.
LEPROSY is a Death / Splatter Gore metal group that was exhumed in 1988. LEPROSY has performed with many local and national acts.”

Below you will find the latest single from the band, “Impulse to Kill.”


Words by: Michael Pementel