Watch: Kirk Hammett Messes Up Intro To ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ Lovingly Blames Fans For Being ‘Kickass’

Carlos Rodríguez/Andes, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Author: Michael Pementel

During the band’s set at the Boston Calling festival, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett messed up the intro to their song “Nothing Else Matters.” However, Hammett bounced back from this minor flop in a very wholesome way.

The show took place on May 29th, with Metallica being the headlining act. The incident where Hammett messes up the intro to “Nothing Else Matters” begins with him playing a little bit of another tune (being that of Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”).

Hammett then starts to play “Nothing Else Matters,” but plays it incorrectly. Jokingly, Hammett lays down on the stage, the crowd roaring in laughter. He then gets up and walks to a nearby microphone, sharing with the crowd, “Sorry guys, you’re so kickass. I got distracted by how kickass you are.” He then goes back to playing “Nothing Else Matters” to perfection.

It is a very wholesome moment that you can check out for yourself via the video below.

Kirk Hammett messes up Nothing Else Matters

In other Metallica related news, did you hear how the band have a turntable coming out? It looks incredibly awesome and you can pre-order it now.

During another Metallica show that involved a wholesome moment, singer James Hetfield shared with the audience some anxiety struggles he was dealing with; after talking to the crowd, the rest of the band came to Hetfield and gave him a big hug. To watch this moment for yourself, you can follow the link below:

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Earlier this month, a woman gave birth while at a live Metallica concert; hearing about this news, James decided to give her and her husband a call to congratulate them. If you want to learn more about that story, and see a video involving James Hetfield calling the woman and her husband, you can follow the link below:

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