Joan Jett Calls Out Ted Nugent: “This is the guy who s*** his pants – literally – so he didn’t have to go in the Army”

Joan Jett
Joan Jett: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Facebook/ Ted Nugent: chascar/ Bubamara (Wikimedia Commons)
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In response to some negative comments Ted Nugent made about her, Joan Jett has clapped back at Nugent with a pretty strong statement.

This all stems from comments Nugent had made this past January about a list of 100 great guitarists; said list was published back in 2010 via Rolling Stone. As reported by NME, Nugent spoke about the list during a livestream of his back in December (of 2021).

This is what Ted Nugent said about Joan Jett

“So I just mentioned some killer, monster guitar players, huh? Some of the best that ever lived. When you see the Rolling Stone magazine list of greatest guitar players, they list Joan Jett but not Tommy Shaw [of Styx].”

He then went on to say, “You have to have shit for brains, and you have to be a soulless, soulless prick to put Joan Jett.”

Now in a new interview with NME, Joan Jett of The Runaways and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts has commented on Nugent’s comments about her.

This is what Joan Jett has to say about Ted Nugent

“Is that his implication,” she asks, “that he should be on the list instead of me? Well, that’s just typical – it’s what I’ve dealt with my whole life, being written off. Ted Nugent has to live with being Ted Nugent. He has to be in that body, so that’s punishment enough.”

She then goes on to add:

“He’s not a tough guy. He plays tough guy, but this is the guy who shit his pants – literally – so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

Damn Joan, going off! Joan Jett is an incredible guitarist and musician and we personally believe she deserves all the recognition for her talent and art.

What are your thoughts on what Ted Nugent and Joan Jett have had to say about one another?


Words by: Michael Pementel