Jesse Leach Talks About Pantera And Faith No More Inspiring Killswitch Engage

Jesse Leach Talks About Pantera And Faith No More Inspiring Killswitch Engage
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Author: Michael Pementel

During a recent interview, singer Jesse Leach spoke to the band’s second studio album, as well as what bands have greatly inspired Killswitch Engage.

Alive or Just Breathing made its debut 20 years ago; it is a record that not only showed off the incredible talent of Killswitch Engage, but also helped to kick off the popularity of the metalcore genre.

During an interview with Podioslave Podcast, Jesse Leach spoke to the qualities of Alive or Just Breathing and why he feels it still holds importance to this day, as well as what heavy metal bands have played a role in inspiring Killswitch Engage.

Jesse Leach talks Alive or Just Breathing

“I think that Alive Or Just Breathing still holds importance, it still holds weight. It’s still good songs. And that’s the one thing I will stand by, like, we started to write songs. Our first record, our self-titled, was stripped down metal with a hardcore influence with a touch of death metal. But it was more about just like, riffs, and like bludgeoning people with this sound that we were kind of wanting to put out there. Where Alive Or Just Breathing was more about songwriting. We consciously wanted to make songs.

“And I’m looking at bands like Faith No More, which all of us in Killswitch can agree that Faith No More is like, one of those bands that you would aspire to want to be. Or even Pantera. They were heavy, but they had hooks. They had stuff you wanted to sing along to. So we were kind looking at bands like that going ‘Alright. We want to be heavy, we want to do our thing be but we want to write good songs.’ So that was a conscious effort. I think those songs – some of ’em still hold up.”

Jesse Leach recently shared with The Pit a track-by-track breakdown of Alive or Just Breathing. To check out that album breakdown involving the Killswitch Engage singer, click on the link below.

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