Watch: Jazz Musician Has Never Heard Tool Song ‘Schism’ Before, Plays An Incredible Improvised Drum Performance To The Song

Watch: Jazz Musician Has Never Heard Tool Song 'Schism' Before, Plays An Incredible Improvised Drum Performance To The Song
Dennis Chambers: "Dennis Chambers Hears Tool For The First Time" - Drumeo, YouTube/ Danny Carey: Author: Selbymay, Creator: Stephane Mahot (Wikimedia Commons)
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Author: Michael Pementel

Prior to his improvised performance of the track (which you can view below), Dennis Chambers had never heard the Tool song “Schism” before. So to hear what he ends up playing when asked to improvise drums for the song – after giving the track one brief listen – is nothing short of remarkable.

In case you don’t know, Dennis Chambers is a legendary jazz/funk drummer who played in Parliament/Funkadelic from 1978 to 1985.

Drumeo, an online drum lesson platform, invited Chambers to play drums to the iconic Tool song “Schism.” To prepare for his performance, Chambers listens to a version of “Schism” that features no drums. After listening to the song, he shares that the track would absolutely appeal to a younger version of himself; he then asks what record the song is found on, which of course is the 2001 Tool album Lateralus.

In the video that features Chambers below playing to the song, he discusses his approach to analyzing music; he speaks analyzing the song’s style, flow and time-signature, as well as what the bass is doing.

For his performance, rather than going with what we are typically used to hearing in the iconic song, Chambers decides to go for a more funky approach. You can check out Dennis Chambers playing improvised drums on the Tool song “Schism” below:

Absolutely incredible work! Remember, Chambers has only heard this song once (and with the original drumming component removed)!

What do you think about Dennis Chambers’ improvised performance? Are you a fan of his stylistic spin? We wonder what that of Tool drummer Danny Carey thinks of this improvisation.

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