Horror Icon Tom Savini Talks About The New Evil Dead Video Game And Shares A Look At “Savini Ash”

Evil Dead
Tom Savini: Jim Reynolds (Wikimedia Commons) /"Savini Ash": Tom Savini (Developer: Saber Interactive, Publishers: Saber Interactive & Boss Team Games)
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Many of you may know this already, but for those who don’t – a new Evil Dead video game will be released this upcoming Friday the 13th!

The upcoming Evil Dead video game is a asymmetrical multiplayer title that will feature co-op and player vs. player formats. Players will be able to play as a variety of avatars and utilize a plethora of weapons as they combat waves of demons.

To bring some added spicy to an already awesome project, Saber Interactive, the developers behind this game, brought on none other than iconic horror movie make-up artist Tom Savini. For hardcore horror fans, Savini needs no introduction; in case you aren’t aware of his greatness though, Savini is responsible for a remarkable array of stunning make-up work throughout horror cinema. He is also responsible for working on a Corey Taylor Slipknot mask (the one that Taylor used to wear prior to the one he is wearing now at the time of this writing).

In an exclusive interview with Bloody Disgusting, Savini spoke to his work on the new Evil Dead video game. Specifically, Bloody Disgusting spoke to Savini about a special character he created and that is part of the Collector’s Edition of the Evil Dead game – “Savini Ash.”

Talking about the process in creating the “Savini Ash” model, Tom Savini shared the following:

“Well, with practical you have to physically make the damn thing. Like all the kills in Friday the 13th: the Game – I think I created 144 kills. That’s me sitting here with a pencil and paper, writing it down, and then sending it in. That was the easiest thing. On paper, to me it was just creating magic tricks and grand allusions, but when I see it… Oh my God, it’s horrifying. So, same thing here – with practical I have to physically create the damn thing. I have to sculpt it and mold it and cast it and paint it. With this, it [started as] just a sketch.”

You can find an image of “Savini Ash” below, as well as some videos associated with the game.

Will you be getting yourself a copy of the new Evil Dead video game? You can pre-order the title now via this link here.

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Evil Dead
Tom Savini (Developer: Saber Interactive, Publishers: Saber Interactive & Boss Team Games)


Words by: Michael Pementel