Listen: Horror Director John Carpenter Releases New Song From Firestarter Soundtrack

John Carpenter
Firestarter: Distributor: Universal Pictures/ John Carpenter: Nathan Hartley Maas (Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons)
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Horror director John Carpenter worked on the score for the upcoming remake of Firestarter and he recently shared a new song from the film’s soundtrack.

While many know John Carpenter for his directorial work – creating such classics as Halloween, Escape from New York, and The Thing (1982) – he is also a brilliant film composer and musician. With his last directorial film being released in 2010 (The Ward), Carpenter has been focusing on creating music. Along with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies, the three have released three albums, and have created the score for the two most recent Halloween movies: 2018’s Halloween and 2021’s Halloween Kills.

Now, the trio have created the score for the upcoming remake of Firestarter, which is based off the 1980 novel of the same name written by that of horror writer Stephen King. The film follows that of a little girl who happens to have pyrokinetic powers.

Much of Carpenter’s music utilizes an incredible blend of electronics and rock. The latest song to be shared off the Firestarter soundtrack, “I’ll Find You,” leans more into the trio’s passion for riveting and atmospheric electronics. If you are familiar with a John Carpenter score, then you know the Master of Horror loves to play around with synthesizers.

The track displays a superb flow of pounce, utilizing a blend of drums, distortion, and synth. From more intense sections, to quieter moments, there is a terrific thrill to the track.

Listen to the new John Carpenter song below

You can pre-order the Firestarter soundtrack via this link here.

If you are familiar with John Carpenter’s movies and music, what is your favorite film of his, as well as favorite score?

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Words by: Michael Pementel