The Iron Maiden Album That Inspired Ghost Singer Tobias Forge To Become A Musician Is…

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In a recent interview with Planet Rock, Ghost singer Tobias Forge shared what Iron Maiden album inspired him to become a musician.

While the two offer different styles of music, there are some similarities to be found between Ghost and Iron Maiden (especially when it comes to theatricality). Not only do both acts put on great live shows, but each band creates and offers audiences music that is grandiose in scale; music that provides rush and emotion, intensity and tremendous atmosphere – truly epic music.

In a recent interview with Planet Rock, Ghost singer Tobias Forge was asked about the legendary metal band and if they were a big influence for him – to which Forge says the following:

“Absolutely. Both musically and also stage production-wise. But also when it comes to work ethics and just the sheer volume of work you have to put into your job (and) in your craft has always been inspiring to me.”

Forge then goes on to talk about the Iron Maiden album that really hit him hard – the one that inspired him and made him “dead set on wanting to become a professional musician.”

Ghost singer talks Iron Maiden album

“When I was a kid, I was sitting with (Iron Maiden’s 1985 live album) ‘Live After Death’ record and I was… dead set on wanting to become a professional musician and I wanted to tour. I knew about the concept of touring, but a lot of my knowledge or my preconceived notions of what I thought touring was about was looking through ‘Live After Death’ and seeing all those dates that they were playing everywhere.

“I sat there with like a big map book and just drew out how they toured, where they played and how often you play. That record in the inner sleeve, you have a lot of information about touring life.”

That is an interesting pick from Forge, considering all the Iron Maiden albums that exist (it’s a good one for sure). What Iron Maiden album means the most to you?

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Words by: Michael Pementel