Watch: Ghost Frontman Gets Smacked With A Fiddle In New Netflix Show

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Clark is a new Netflix show that features Ghost frontman Tobias Forge, and in a clip you’ll find below, you can see the Ghost frontman get smacked in the face with a fiddle.

Clark is a drama based on the story of Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson. The show is directed by Lord Of Chaos filmmaker and former Bathory drummer Jonas Åkerlund, and it is also scored by none other than Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt. The show also features actor Bill Skarsgård, who you might know as Pennywise the Clown from the latest It movies.

In the clip you will find below, a group of people are enjoying a nice gathering. Among those folks is a man dressed mostly in blue playing the fiddle – this is Ghost frontman Tobias Forge.

All of a sudden, some rowdy partiers make their way to the gathering and eventually things become escalated. You can check out the scene for yourself below.

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge hit with fiddle

It is sort of surreal seeing Forge not in his Ghost makeup or costume. Will you be checking out Clark when it arrives on Netflix?

Back in March we interviewed the Ghost frontman. We talked about the band’s latest album Impera, movies, and how he feels about metal music. Below you will find an excerpt of that interview; to read the full interview, click on the link below.

The Pit: What is a big draw for you as a writer? When did you know you enjoyed writing in life? How do you know – whether it involves Ghost or any other musical project – that you’ve found something that is worth putting music too?

TF: Back when Ghost was just [a] writing project, among several writing entities that I was working on, I knew that it possessed something special. Because, the few people that heard it reacted in a way – it was just a stronger reaction than too a lot of the things I had done before. I think most people writing music feel they are chasing a lot of that feeling you had in the beginning – when you learn that you do have, maybe a gift, but also a desire to put songs together – to solve them. A lot of people that I know that are also writers, they talk about songs as something you solve, kind of like a puzzle. You always feel victorious when you sort of solve it, because it’s like finding something you need to interpret.

I don’t know when I felt that for the first time; even before I had written songs, I knew I was interested in song making. I started putting songs together to be played from start to finish when I was 12 or 13. I was so fascinated with playing in a band. When I was kindergarten, we had a piano and guitar there; I usually spent a lot of time playing piano. I sat there and learned songs that I heard. Sat there trying to play [John Lennon’s] “Imagine” or [The Rolling Stone’s] “Under My Thumb” or whatever it was. Which is something I’ve always done throughout my life; playing along with other songs and just grabbing a guitar and humming.

“Metal has this sort of high horse”: Ghost Frontman Tobias Forge Talks Impera Success, Creative Process, + More


Words by: Michael Pementel