Watch: Someone Replaced All The Drums In The Metallica Song “Enter Sandman” With James Hetfield Yelling “Yeah”

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Have you ever thought to yourself – what if someone took the classic Metallica song “Enter Sandman,” and instead of any drumming on the track, said drums were replaced with Metallica singer James Hetfield yelling “Yeah!”?

Pretty random idea right? Well, one TikTok user decided to venture into those creative waters and share with the world what such a remix would sound like.

The account of TikTok user leigh_lyons is full of interesting drum performances. From a metal cover of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask theme, to, “What if country music had a heavy metal drumming style?”, leigh_lyons has uploaded a plethora of entertaining content.

Among his videos though is one titled, “‘Enter Sandman’ But Every Drum Note Is James Hetfield Saying ‘Yeah'”

You can check out the video of leigh_lyons performing the Metallica song below:

@leigh_lyons “Enter sandman, but the drums are james hetfield saying yeah#fyp #metallica #funny #cover #meme #drums ♬ Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris) – Usher

That mix is a tad mind-numbing, but also pretty damn comical.

The TikTok user has another Metallica related video that also caught our attention, titled: “‘One’ By Metallica But Every Drum Note Is The ‘St. Anger’ Snare”

You can check out the drum performance of that Metallica song below:

@leigh_lyons One by metallica, but every drum note is the st. anger snare #fyp #foryou #metallica #funny #meme #cover #comedy #drums ♬ original sound – Leigh_Lyons

What are your thoughts on these performances?

In other Metallica news that ironically involves the band’s song “Enter Sandman” – did you hear about the woman who recently gave birth WHILE AT a live Metallica concert?

Apparently, the woman gave birth to a little boy just as the band were about to play “Enter Sandman.” You can find out all the details of this incident by clicking on the link below.

A Woman Gave Birth While At A Metallica Concert


Words by: Michael Pementel