Disturbed Singer, Lamb of God And Shinedown Guitarists Chime In On Leaked Abortion Draft

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Mark Morton: Lamb Of God Facebook/ David Draiman: Disturbed Facebook/ Zach Myers: Shinedown Facebook
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Disturbed singer David Draiman has recently commented on the leaked abortion draft. Last night, political news outlet Politico published a story covering a leaked draft that involves the Supreme Court overturning abortion rights. Specifically, those rights stemming from the 1973 court case of Roe v. Wade.

Catching wind of this draft, and wanting to express his thoughts on this matter, Disturbed singer David Draiman took to Twitter to share those thoughts.

The Disturbed singer commenting on leaked abortion draft

“The government should not be able to tell anyone what they can and cannot do with their own body. Period. #prochoice #RoeVWade”.

Among those who have replied to Draiman’s tweet is that of Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers. Replying to Draiman, Myers wrote the following:

“Leaks happen for purposes of chaos and panic. Period.”

To which the Disturbed singer replied with:

“There would have been chaos and panic whenever this one got out. Leaked or otherwise.”

Then Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton chimed in, writing the following in response to Myers:

“So to clarify, you’re anti -info leak? Or are you just anti- ‘this particular’ info leak?”

Myers replied to Morton with the following:

“I only don’t like leaks for the purpose of pot stirring …. Which is what this feels like … it causes panic when a matter isn’t settled. Also for a guy who was never ‘what else is going on here’ In the last 4 years. Now I’m def like ‘what ELSE is going on here'”.

Draiman then wrote the following comment:

“Just an observation; This ‘leak’ was exactly what the Democrats needed to galvanize and energize their base. The resulting fervor could prevent the red wave many were predicting in the upcoming elections.”

He then added: “(Reminder; I pledge allegiance to neither side) #prochoice #RoeVWade”.

Below you will find the conversation involving that of Disturbed singer David Draiman, Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers, and Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton.


Words by: Michael Pementel