Watch: Deftones + Gojira Perform Cover Of Sepultura Song ‘Territory’

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Author: Michael Pementel

During a recent show that took place May 28th, both the Deftones and Gojira joined forces to cover the Sepultura song “Territory.”

Both the Deftones and Gojira have been touring together for what has been one exhilarating show after another. During that May 28th show, Deftones singer Chino Moreno joined Gojira on stage to perform a cover of the Sepultura track “Territory.”

You can find fan captured footage of this awesome performance below:

What do you think of Moreno and Gojira’s cover of Sepultura’s “Territory”? At other points in the evening, members of Gojira took to the stage to play alongside some Deftones songs. You can find a couple videos of those performances below:

Speaking of Chino, did you hear about his super bloody incident while working with ex-Sepultura singer Max Cavalera? The two were in the studio together working on music, and then one thing led to another and Chino got pretty bloodied up. To read the full details about that story, you can follow the link below:

Max Cavalera Shares Story Involving A Bloody In Studio Incident With The Deftones Singer

In other news related to the Deftones, we recently ranked all their studio albums. If you want to check out the full ranking yourself, you can follow the link below; to provide you a small taste of our personal ranking of the band’s albums – of nine studio albums – we placed the band’s most recent record, Ohms, at number four. This is what we said about the record:

Ohms is like if you took all the best qualities found on Gore and elevated them ever so slightly. As the most recent studio album from the band, Ohms shows how much the Deftones have grown over the course of their career. While Ohms is not the heaviest Deftones album – and frankly, it strays away from a lot of the band’s use of heavier performance – it still provides a great balance in heavy and serene moments. This is possibly one of the more “cinematic” albums from the band – with each individual composition (and the flow to and from songs), establishing an immersive pace that is crushing at times, but ultimately, meditative.”

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