Cradle of Filth Singer Dani Filth Talks Desire To Create Another Movie

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Cradle of Filth super-fans probably already know this, but did you know Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth is an actor?

Filth hasn’t appeared in a ton of movies, but, some of his more recent appearances involve that of Baphomet (2021) and Feed Me (which is in pre-production).

That said, the most iconic role associated with that of the Cradle of Filth singer is that of “The Man” from 2001’s Cradle of Fear.

Cradle of Fear has a terrific schlocky quality to it; sometimes folks may associate the term “schlock” with negativity, but please do know, Cradle of Fear is a horror movie made with complete sincerity and devoted to providing a gruesome and chilling tale.

Via an exclusive interview with Metal Injection, the Cradle of Filth singer spoke to his interest working in film and a desire to create a Cradle of Fear 2! You can read below what Filth had to say.

Cradle of Filth singer talks movies

[Metal Injection]: I’ve been interested in what you’ve been doing with acting recently. You had Baphomet last year, Feed Me coming up. Have you been enjoying dipping your toes back into that? It’s well documented what a massive horror fan you are, even going back to Cradle of Fear in 2001. 

[Dani Filth]: “Yeah, absolutely. I think so. Although they’re few and far between. But I really enjoy it. I mean, when we did Feed Me last year my cameo is literally five minutes and I play just a boss who sacks one of the characters in it and he’s just an asshole. It’s literally five minutes, but I had a great day filming it at a really great part of England, Henley-on-Thames, and my girlfriend came. We had a hotel and they really looked after us. It was pre-Christmas as well. It was a great day and we met some great people, good friends, colleagues, etc., etc.

“I’d love to do Cradle of Fear II, but again it would be such a massive undertaking. I’d have to get some proper massive investment to make that happen … You couldn’t do a movie for less than £1,000,000. I mean, the catering budget for some movies is probably that. And obviously we would do it very underground and guerrilla style. But yeah, I think we’d have to raise an incredible amount of money.”

For those of you who have seen Cradle of Fear, do you like the movie? Would you want to see a Cradle of Fear 2?


Words by: Michael Pementel