Uhh, a Couple Had Oral Sex in a Mosh Pit During a Heavy Metal Festival

Watch: Couple Engage In Oral Sex During The Middle Of A Heavy Metal Festival
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Author: Michael Pementel

When attending a heavy metal festival, you expect to see awesome live bands playing awesome live music… you don’t expect to run into someone going down on their partner.

On top of that, you don’t expect to run into someone going down on their partner in the middle of a crowd during a live performance.

Well folks, such an incident happened at this year’s Maryland Deathfest.

Maryland Deathfest is a heavy metal festival located in Baltimore, MD; it’s a festival for extreme bands, and apparently, the place for extreme displays of passion. One of the bands who took part in this festival is death metal’s Autopsy, and it was during their set that a couple engaged in oral sex in the middle of a live crowd. This incident took place May 28th.

In a video that has been uploaded to Twitter, you will find a man lying on the ground and a woman squatting above him (said woman is not wearing any pants). The camera catches enough detail to show the man clearly pleasing the woman while onlookers shout out with excitement and get up close to pose and take photos of the action.

While it does look like the couple are having fun together, we do want to call out one thing that is involved in this video. At one point, a random man comes upon the couple and smacks the woman’s ass – that is not fucking cool. By the look of things involving the woman and man going down on her, there appears to have been consent; a random person coming up and touching a private place of an individual without any consent is never fucking cool.

If you want to watch this NSFW video of the couple engaging in oral sex during a live heavy metal festival, here you go:

Who knows how long this video will remain live on Twitter before the platform decides to take it down.

This incident is surreal to say the least. You have to have a lot of confidence (or very much not give a shit) to do something like that in the middle of daylight, at a metal festival, in front of hundreds of people.

What are your thoughts on this video and the couple engaging in oral sex while at Maryland Deathfest?

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