Watch: Cat Headbangs To Metallica Song ‘Enter Sandman’

Watch: Cat Headbangs To Metallica Song 'Enter Sandman'
Cat: Zanygenius (Wikipedia) / James Hetfield: Kreepin Deth (Wikimedia Commons)
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Author: Michael Pementel

You know we at The Pit love our metal pets, so of course we had to share this video of a cat headbanging to the Metallica song “Enter Sandman.”

Uploaded via TikTok, the video features the cat staring up at the camera, as if transfixed by the Metallica tune; at this point in the song, the band are building up to the chorus. When the chorus comes though, the cat loses its shit and starts headbanging before walking away.

It is hilarious, it is adorable, and it’s metal af. You can find that video below.

Cat headbangs to Metallica song

@mrchashundley She’s back at it #catsoftiktok #tabbycat ♬ Enter Sandman – Metallica

What are your thoughts on this cat’s headbanging performance?

In somewhat recent news related to other metal pets, did you hear about the cockatoo that just constantly screams the lyrics to Drowning Pool‘s “Bodies”? Apparently, a guy bought this bird off of Craigslist and was unaware of the bird’s special talent; now he has to live with the cockatoo screaming “Let the bodies hit the floor” day in and day out. To watch a video of this cockatoo singing the lyrics to “Bodies,” follow the link below:

Watch: Guy Buys A Cockatoo Without Knowing It Repeatedly Sings Drowning Pool Lyrics “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

We’ve also covered other metal pets in the past, such as the ever awesome Doom Metal Cat (alongside Prog Metal Cat), as well as that of the meme community of Black Metal Cats. We have also covered that of Necropug; from the YouTube channel 2SICH, Fedina Anastasia uploaded a video titled “Necropug – Hungry Demon (Official Lyric Video),” which features the titular Necropug causing mayhem over some killer death metal riffs.

Among these heavy metal pets, which one do you find to be the most comical and metal?

In recent news related to Metallica, the band have a turntable coming out that is designed to look like their logo and it looks incredible!

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