Watch: Iron Maiden Singer Bruce Dickinson Battles Eddie On Stage

Watch: Bruce Dickinson Battles Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie On Stage
"Iron Maiden - Bruce vs. Eddie (Zagreb 2022)" - apis38, YouTube
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Author: Michael Pementel

Iron Maiden just kicked off their epic 2022 tour, and during one of their performances, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson did battle with that of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie!

In a video you will find below, as the band are performing a song, a giant Eddie walks out on stage (sword in hand). The Maiden singer then runs up to the giant mascot, a sword in his hand, and the two start clashing blades. It is a delight to watch, the band’s music elevating the epic thrill of Dickinson and Eddie waging make-believe battle.

You can find that video for yourself below.

Iron Maiden singer fights Eddie

If you are curious to know the setlist involved with this recent show, you can find that entire setlist below:

Maiden setlist

01. Senjutsu
02. Stratego
03. The Writing On The Wall
04. Revelations
05. Blood Brothers
06. Sign Of The Cross
07. Flight Of Icarus
08. Fear Of The Dark
09. Hallowed Be Thy Name
10. The Number Of The Beast
11. Iron Maiden


12. The Trooper
13. The Clansman
14. Run To The Hills

Encore 2:

15. Aces High

Later this year, the band will be making their way to North America. To find all the dates associated with their North American tour, you can visit their website here. Will you be attending one of their shows?

The most recent album to come from the band is that of 2021’s Senjutsu; Senjutsu is the seventeenth studio album to come from the band.

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