Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Talks Meaning Of ‘Iron Man’ + The Term Heavy Metal Originally Being Meant As “Sarcastic”

Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler Talks Meaning Of 'Iron Man' + The Term Heavy Metal Originally Meant To Be "Sarcastic"
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Author: Michael Pementel

In a recent interview, Black Sabbath member Geezer Butler not only spoke to the meaning behind the band’s iconic song “Iron Man,” but also about how the term “heavy metal” was initially a “sarcastic” term.

Geezer Butler was featured on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, hosted by Eddie Trunk. At one point in the episode, Trunk invites radio callers to ask Butler questions. Among those questions, Butler is asked about the spiritual background of some Black Sabbath songs. Eventually, Butler ends up bringing up the band’s iconic song “Iron Man,” and what actually inspired that track. The following is what Butler had to share via the Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Geezer Butler talks Iron Man song

“It was sort of based on Jesus Christ. He’s like, this guy and goes and does good, and then he comes and tries to spread the word and ends up being crucified for telling the truth. And that was Iron Man seeing the future and coming back to tell the world how horrible it’s gonna be, and people turn against him. Whereas Jesus died to save people, Iron Man takes his revenge. That’s the biggest difference.”

In that same interview, Eddie Trunk askes the Black Sabbath bassist the first time he heard the term “heavy metal” being applied to what he and the band were creating. Geezer Butler shared how he came to hear about the term “heavy metal,” and how it actually originated as an insult.

Geezer Butler talks first hearing the term heavy metal

“When we were on tour in America, I think it was the second tour in the States. I read this review, and the guy said ‘This isn’t music. It sounds like a bunch of heavy metal being smashed together.’ Somehow that got over to England, and from then on it was like the sarcastic thing they used to apply to us – ‘This isn’t music, it’s a load of heavy metal being smashed together.’ And for some reason we got stuck with it.”

That is some super interesting insight! What do you think of what Geezer Butler had to share?

You can listen to the full interview featuring the Black Sabbath member below: