Behemoth Singer Nergal Acquitted Of Blasphemy Charges In Poland Once Again

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Behemoth singer Nergal is no stranger to controversy; he also is not a stranger when it comes to pissing off the Polish government.

Back a few years ago, the Behemoth singer caught some shit for using the country’s National Emblem as part of some Behemoth merchandise (with the government accusing Nergal of mocking/disrespecting the National Emblem). Since being charged for his use of the emblem, it seems that the case has been ongoing, with Nergal having already been acquitted in the past.

Well now it looks like Nergal has made it in the clear, for he has been acquitted once again.

The Behemoth singer took to his Instagram to speak about this acquittal, sharing a blurred out image of the National Emblem-inspired design that got him in trouble.

Per a caption associated with this image, the Behemoth singer wrote the following:

Fuck yeah! Acquitted again !!

“This has begun over 3 years ago, when one of the PIS politicians felt that Behemoth has offended Polish National Emblem with a design which was used to promote Polish leg of a Behemoth’s tour.
Obviously, nothing of such was happening. And it’s been sooo clear for everyone except for the right wing politicians and their fans. Yet the the politicized prosecutor’s office launched an investigation and accused us of insulting the Polish emblem.

“3 years ago the first court hearing was held. Eventually we won and were all acquitted. Then, the prosecutor appealed and the appellate court recalled the case to the 1st instance for reconsideration.
And now we have been acquitted again! But the story continues, have your fingers crossed. Still, it’s the second battle won in a row!

“Thank you all who made that happen, thank the Judge for being fair, open minded and reasonable. And brave in such strange times…

“ART & logic vs. religious fanatics 3 : 0”

What are your thoughts on Nergal using the Polish National Emblem for merchandise? Do you believe such imagery is okay to use for merchandising?


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Words by: Michael Pementel