Anti-Metal Pastor Believes Actor Johnny Depp May Be Possessed By Pirate Demons

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Apparently, this anti-metal pastor thinks that actor Johnny Depp is possessed by pirate demons.

Hmm… Didn’t expect to read that today.

As shared by MetalSucks, Bob Larson is an evangelical pastor who has been vocal about his views against metal in the past. The guy has even had it out with that of Deicide singer Glen Benton.

Via an Instagram post, which you can view below, the pastor speaks to his belief that, actor Johnny Depp, is possessed by pirate demons.

For some context, one of Johnny Depp’s most famous movie roles is that of Captain Jack Sparrow from that of the live-action Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Larson believes that Depp may have become possessed by one of those demons during the filming of those movies.

Just a heads up before you read what Larson had to say – it is a whole thing to wrap your head around.

Bob Larson Talking About Actor Johnny Depp

“There are such things as real pirate demons. I don’t see them much in the mainland U.S. When I’m in a coastal city, or when I’m ministering in the Caribbean, I see lots of pirate demons, and I’ve encountered them, and I’ve cast them out. So this whole Jack Sparrow role? There’s a bit of truth to that. And I wonder: did Depp get actual pirate demons from playing his Jack Sparrow role?”

Yep, the dude said those words.

You can hear him for yourself below; the video of Bob Larson talking about pirate demons and actor Johnny Depp has been shared by the Instagram account christian_nightmares.


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What are your thoughts on Larson’s beliefs regarding pirate demons?

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Words by: Michael Pementel