Watch: AEW Wrestlers Join Limp Bizkit Onstage For ‘Full Nelson’ Performance

Watch: AEW Wrestlers Join Limp Bizkit Onstage For 'Full Nelson' Performance
"LIMP BIZKIT ON STAGE with AEW Stars Sonny Kiss - Chuck Taylor - John Silver" - A J A, YouTube
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Author: Michael Pementel

This past Sunday (May 29th), AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and Limp Bizkit happened to have been in Las Vegas, Nevada at the same, and the two decided to join forces.

As you probably know at this point, Limp Bizkit concerts are fucking wild. Band singer Fred Durst is a fan of bringing folks on stage to party with him and the guys. During this recent show that took place yesterday, several members of All Elite Wrestling took to the stage to perform alongside Durst and the band. AEW stars Sonny Kiss, Chuck Taylor, and John Silver performed the Limp Bizkit song “Full Nelson.” In the video footage below, you’ll see that some of the guys performed some wrestling moves while on stage!

All Elite Wrestling and Limp Bizkit

Pretty sick right? These Limp Bizkit shows have been absolutely incredible. At the time of this writing, the band have one more date left of their 2022 Still Sucks Tour. Tomorrow (May 31st), the band will play in Ontario, CA. Don’t miss out if you have the chance!

Having AEW stars on stage is also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Limp Bizkit inviting folks on stage with them. Durst has invited everyone from a little kid to a “local shit talker,” as well as one dude who went super hard with Durst covering an iconic Rage Against the Machine song.

In other news where heavy metal and wrestling collide, earlier this month, Code Orange invited some All Elite Wrestling stars to join them on stage as well; during that show, one of the wrestlers tossed another wrestler into a mosh pit!

If you want to check out footage of AEW star Brody King picking up fellow AEW star Darby Allin and tossing him into a mosh pit, you can follow the link below:

Watch: Wrestler Brody King Tosses Fellow Wrestler Darby Allin Into Mosh Pit During Code Orange Show