Actor Mike Myers Introduced Beyoncé To Led Zeppelin On The Set Of Austin Powers

Actor Mike Myers Introduced Beyoncé To Led Zeppelin On The Set Of Austin Powers
Mike Myers & Beyoncé: Distributor: New Line Cinema/ Jimmy Page: Jim Summaria, (Wikimedia Commons)
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Author: Michael Pementel

In a video interview with Vanity Fair, actor Mike Myers shared how he got pop star Beyoncé  into Led Zeppelin.

Years ago, the two stars worked together on the movie Austin Powers In Goldmember; Myers of course plays Austin Powers (perhaps the movie role he is most well known for), whereas Beyoncé plays a fellow spy agent/love interest.

At the very beginning of the video from Vanity Fair, Mike Myers shares how working with Beyoncé was a delight; specifically, he says that “Beyoncé was a dream.” He brings up how she would always listen to music, and how one day she asked him what he was listening to; this led to him introducing her to the legendary rock band.

Via the Vanity Fair video featuring Mike Myers:

“Beyoncé was a dream. She was the loveliest person in the world and just knocked it out of the park. She would always listen to music and she said to me, ‘Mike, what are you listening to right now?’

“And I said, ‘Oh, I’m just listening to Led Zeppelin at the moment.’ And she went, ‘I think I’ll listen to that Led Zeppelin.’ She had never heard of it. She was so young, and the crew was all, ‘Awww!’

“And then the next day, she was doing this [makes a hand motion to represent listening to headphones], and I said, ‘What are you listening to?’ She went, ‘Led Zeppelin! They’re great!'”

What a delightfully wholesome story! You can check out the video where Mike Myers shares this story below:

In other news related to Led Zeppelin, a YouTuber recently unearthed some rare footage of a 1970 live performance from the band. This particular gig was said to be one of the band’s most iconic shows. If you want to check out that unearthed live footage for yourself, follow the link below:

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