A New Jackass TV Show Has Just Been Announced For Paramount+

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Along with a new movie on the way, it looks like we are getting a new Jackass TV series as well!

New Jackass TV show coming to Paramount+

As reported by ScreenCrush, a new Jackass TV series will be coming to the streaming platform Paramount+. Paramount+ is already home to the latest Jackass movie, Jackass Forever.

Apparently, during the company’s quarterly earnings call that took place today, Paramount announced that, due to the success of Jackass Forever, they will be making a new Jackass TV show. At the time of this writing, there is no confirmation as to who within the crew will be involved in this new TV show.

Still, this is quite a time to be a Jackass fan! Are you excited for all this new content?

The upcoming new movie, Jackass Forever 4.5, will be coming to the streaming service platform Netflix rather than that of Paramount+. Per a tweet posted from the Netflix Twitter account:

“Get ready for more stunts and stupidity with Jackass 4.5, an all-new feature film featuring the whole crew! Here’s a small taste of what you can expect when it premieres May 20 on Netflix… This is the Swingset Gauntlet!”

Below you can find a clip of a new stunt that will be featured in the movie.

During a recent interview, Jackass star Johnny Knoxville confirmed that Jackass 4.5 would provide additional footage that did not make it into Jackass Forever. He also shared the following about the upcoming Jackass 4.5:

“It’s great though man, there were so many great bits that didn’t make Jackass Forever and Jackass 4.5 is one of our best point fives for sure.”

You can check out that full interview by clicking the link below.

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