A Guy Shot At This Johnny Cash Water Tower And Created A Very Suggestive Visual

A Guy Shot At This Johnny Cash Water Tower To Create A Very Suggestive Visual
Fox 16
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Author: Michael Pementel

As reported by TMZ this past week, a man has been arrested for shooting at a water tower featuring the silhouette of the late Johnny Cash (which is located in Kingsland, Arkansas). The shooting took place the week prior to this past week.

Why did this man shoot at the water tower you ask? Well, it looks like he had a pretty goofy intention in mind. Via the video footage you’ll find below from Fox 16, based on where the shooter shot at the Johnny Cash silhouette, it actually looks like said Johnny Cash silhouette is now peeing.


Per TMZ, the shooter, identified as Timothy Sled, has been arrested, but there may possibly be another individual involved. Per the Fox 16 footage found below (which was uploaded on May 16th), the damage done to this tank looks to be pretty serious; the tank holds 50,000 gallons of water, and the report shares that, because of this leak, the water tower has actually been losing close to 30,000 gallons of water every day. Officials say that the cost to fix such damage will be $5,000.

You can find video footage covering this incident and showing off the Johnny Cash water tower below.

Johnny Cash water tower footage

What do you think of this whole thing?

Interesting side note, Kingsland, Arkansas is actually where the late and famous country singer was born. He was born there on February 26th, 1932. He would end up passing away on September 12th, 2003.

The late country singer released an incredible amount of records throughout his career. He is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, his music going on to sell more than 90 million records worldwide.

Throughout his music, Cash would cross over at times into various genres, working in country, rock and roll, blues, and gospel.

Are you a fan of the late and great country singer? What is your favorite song and/or album from him?


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