Watch: Guy Buys A Cockatoo Without Knowing It Repeatedly Sings Drowning Pool Lyrics “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

Drowning Pool
"Drowning Pool - Bodies": Drowning Pool, UMG, YouTube/ Cockatoo: Doug Janson (Wikimedia Commons)
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This guy bought a cockatoo off of Craigslist expecting a chill, quiet bird – not one that constantly sings the lyrics to that of the Drowning Pool song “Bodies.”

Via a video this guy posted on TikTok, he purchased the bird off of Craigslist and talks about how it keeps making these random noises. As the guy is trying to talk into his camera, the cockatoo continues to squawk away.

As the guy focuses the camera on the bird, you will see that said bird is rocking its head back in forth while saying something. On closer inspection – along with some text that appears on screen – one can make out that the bird is squawking along to the Drowning Pool song “Bodies.”

The bird repeats the line, “Let the bodies hit the floor,” until it lets loose one loud squawk.

You can find the video of the cockatoo singing the lyrics to that of the Drowning Pool song “Bodies” below:

@bodanrankovicman buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it♬ original sound – Bödan Reykjavik

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Words by: Michael Pementel