Son Of Metallica Singer James Hetfield Says It’s “Annoying” Being Compared To His Dad

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By now you may have heard of the band Bastardane – the rock band featuring the son of Metallica singer James Hetfield, Castor Hetfield. Along with the son of Metallica singer James Hetfield – with Castor on drums – Bastardane is made up of Jake Dallas (vocals/bass) and Ethan Sirotzki (guitar).

Last month, the band shared a single called “Above All.” The band also have a new record out called Is This Rage? and are currently touring.

While taking part of an interview with Savannah Now, Castor spoke to the band’s work and influences, with him citing such bands as: Corrosion of Conformity, Opeth, and Tool. Also during that interview, Castor spoke about folks making comparisons to him and that of his father, Metallica singer James Hetfield.

Per that interview, Castor Hetfield said the following:

“All of us are our father’s sons, mine just happens to be very successful in the industry that we’re in,” said Castor. “It’s not bothersome, but it is a little annoying when people try to compare us, because obviously we’re our own people and he’s his own person. We’re making our own kind of music. Online, when you search our band, my dad’s face is all over the internet and it’s a little strange for me. We are our own people and want to cut our own path. We’re not trying to ride off of anybody else’s success here.”

Castor makes a very fair point there. The new Bastardane album, Is This Rage?, is an absolute banger. Castor and his fellow bandmates more than prove themselves to be superb musicians through this record, as well as through their live performances.

You can check out the album Is This Rage? below, as well as purchase it via the band’s Bandcamp page.

You will also find videos below involving some of Bastardane’s live performances.

Rock Band Bastardane, Featuring The Son Of Metallica Frontman James Hetfield, Is Heading Out For Tour


Words by: Michael Pementel