Slipknot Post A Cryptic Teaser About ‘Knotverse’ – What Could It Mean?

Knotverse image: Slipknot Twitter page/ Corey Taylor image: Slipknot Facebook page
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Slipknot recently posted a cryptic teaser for something called “Knotverse” and we are very curious to learn more about what that could possibly be. That said, there is some context that could help provide a better idea as to what the Knotverse may be.

The Slipknot visual teaser was posted on the band’s Twitter page back on April 8th; the caption associated with the visual teaser reads “Probably nothing…”

The visual teaser begins by showing the word Knotfest – being that of the Slipknot festival. Then however, Knotfest glitches out on the screen, changing into the word Knotverse. As all of this is happening, the intro cut to the band’s 1999 self-titled debut studio album, “742617000027,” is playing. In case you don’t recall, the cut includes a high pitch mechanical wail as the lines “I think the whole thing is sick” are repeated in various pitches.

The term “verse” immediately gets us thinking about some sort of virtual space, which may not be that far off of a guess. Also posted on April 8th, the Twitter page for The Sandbox uploaded a brief visual teaser; this one was also captioned with the words “Probably nothing…” and included the intro cut to the band’s 2001 album Iowa, “(515).”

Per the description found on the homepage for The Sandbox, The Sandbox is “a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain.”

It appears that not only can you create voxel art assets and build games, but you can also sell said assets through a marketplace. The Sandbox has several partners, including the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, rapper Snoop Dogg, and that of the horror franchise The Walking Dead.

So, with all of that in mind – what do you think Slipknot and The Sandbox are hinting at when it comes to the Knotverse?


Words by: Michael Pementel