Damn Reddit, Why Do You Have To Ban Folks From Talking About Metallica?

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For some of you folks, it looks like Reddit is not going to allow you to talk about your favorite Metallica album.

A user on the Metallica Reddit page posted a video that showed how another Reddit user found themselves banned from the platform for mentioning the band’s 1983 studio album debut, Kill ‘Em All. The video is titled, “Reddit permanently bans you for saying your fav album is KEA. Stay safe out there, y’all.”

The album title was brought up in the context of a post asking which of the Big Four thrash bands had the strongest debut album. The now banned user wrote that they believe Kill ‘Em All, the METALLICA ALBUM, is the strongest debut of the Big Four – nothing wrong about that right?

Well apparently, Reddit sees this as a sign of, “threatening violence.”

Per the video, which you can find below, it provides details regarding how the now banned Reddit user went against Reddit’s community rules by mentioning the Metallica album. In the message provided to the banned Reddit user, Reddit tagged their comment related to the Metallica album and provided the following statement to them:

“You’ve been permanently banned for violating Reddit’s rule against threatening violence in the following content. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not threatening or encouraging violence against people or animals. We don’t tolerate any behavior that encourages, glorifies, incites or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual, groups of people, places or animals.”

The video then concludes with the following message:

“That’s right, LMAO… Reddit permanently bans you for saying the name of your favorite album :)”

That is some dumb BS. If content like that is to get flagged by a system, there should be a way to read the context; given that, out of context the words are alarming, a person should be stepping in to then read the content and understand the context of what is being said.

What are your thought on this? Have you ever gotten kicked off/banned from a platform for mentioning a band/album name?


Words by: Michael Pementel