Radio Host Eddie Trunk Calls Bands Using Backing Tracks An “Epidemic”

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Eddie Trunk: Eddie Trunk Twitter page/ Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz Facebook page
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Backing tracks can be a real issue for some folks; while the use of backing tracks can serve to help artists and bands, some folks would prefer that they weren’t used at all. One individual who seems to be intensely against the use of backing tracks is that of SiriusXM radio personality Eddie Trunk. More specifically, Trunk recently tore into rock band Santa Cruz for allegedly using pre-recorded tracks during a recent concert.

This past week, a video of Santa Cruz playing their song “Under The Gun” was posted on the “concertsrock” YouTube channel; in the footage, you can find band frontman Archie Cruz walking away from the microphone, but his vocals to the song are still being heard through the P.A.

This past Friday, Eddie Trunk posted the video on his Facebook and wrote the following:

“This is beyond words … everyone I guess just okay with this?! As I’ve said and have been saying this has become an epidemic that needs to stop . So bad it’s to the point this band doesn’t event attempt to fake their lip synching.. stunning. Imagine paying to see a band you love ‘live’ and it’s anything but. What’s the point? Imagine you are a band that puts the work in to be live, and others don’t, play to a computer , and fans talk about how great they sound.. pathetic. It’s the norm in pop, it’s gotta stop in rock. Bands, fans and promoters have to care that a live rock show is live or it will only get worse. Madness.”

Those are some intense words from Trunk. While the likes of Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho feel that backing tracks aren’t a huge deal, it seems Trunk has quite the opposite point of view. You will find Trunk’s Facebook post, featuring the Santa Cruz video, below. Trunk also took to his Twitter to further express his issues with backing tracks – you can find some of those posts below as well.

What are your feelings on bands and artists using backing tracks? Do you think that they are that big of a deal?


Words by: Michael Pementel