Obituary Drummer Says Andrew WK Inspired Him To Reunite With The Legendary Death Metal Band

Obituary Drummer Says Andrew WK Inspired The Legendary Death Metal Act To Reunite
Andrew WK: Roberta (Wikimedia Commons)/ Donald Tardy: Stefan Bollmann (Wikimedia Commons)
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If you’re thankful that Obituary have a new album coming out in the near future, you can partially thank party rocker Andrew WK for that. Back in 1997, the legendary death metal band went on hiatus; however, come 2003, Andrew WK would inspire Obituary drummer Donald Tardy to bring the band back together.

In a recent interview with Chaoszine, the Obituary drummer shared how, back in 2003, party rocker Andrew WK inspired him to get the band back together. Around the time of Obituary going on hiatus, Tardy ended up playing drums for that of the band backing Andrew WK.

Per Tardy, the Obituary reunion is partially thanks to Andrew’s love of Obituary and playing a couple of the band’s songs together onstage. In Tardy’s own words:

“I was on Ozzfest with Andrew, and we were playing in Florida and again, we were never not friends Obituary [even though we went on hiatus]. We still were hanging out watching sports together, you know, watching NASCAR, football, partying – but we just took a break from it. It was Andrew on the Ozzfest where, even though Andrew’s set was only for 30 minutes, and even though we only had a 30 minute set he said ‘do you think you think you guys would want to come out and do like, two Obituary songs?

“And we did, and that literally sparked the flame back into how much my brother and Trevor realized how much it is to be touring. So you can half thank Andrew for being such a fan of Obituary that he invited us to do two songs on his stage with him.”

That is cool as hell! Leave it to Andrew WK to inspire a band to reunite.

You can find the full Chaoszine interview with Obituary drummer Donald Tardy below where he shares the Andrew WK story, as well as speaks to the upcoming new Obituary album.


Words by: Michael Pementel