Watch: Nate Garrett Of Spirit Adrift Gushes Over Sepultura And Shares His Favorite Roadrunner Records Releases

Spirit Adift
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Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift is one of the most brilliant artists working in the world of rock and metal today.

As the leader of Spirit Adrift, guitarist/singer-songwriter Nate Garrett started the band back in 2015. Since then, Garrett and the band have been delivering a captivating array of doom metal, with such gems as 2017’s Curse of Conception and 2019’s Divided by Darkness. In 2020 however, Spirit Adrift released Enlightened in Eternity, which displayed the band taking a big step away from doom, and instead presenting a vibrant collection of heavy metal infused tracks.

We recently had the opportunity to ask the Spirit Adrift frontman what his favorite Roadrunner Records releases are, and he shared his top five favorites. Garrett clarifies before going into his list that the records he is going to shout out are in the order in which he discovered them – not in order of personal favorite.

The Spirit Adrift frontman’s picks are all gems, with his first shoutout involving the incredible Sepultura. The first Roadrunner Records release he shouts out is that of the Sepultura album Arise. Garrett shares how, with no internet around, you had to go off promo photos and album covers if you were to discover bands. He goes on to say how the band’s 1989 album Beneath The Remains was really monumental for him, and how he believes Sepultura really stepped up their artistry when it comes Arise. After gushing over Sepultura, the Spirit Adrift frontman goes on to share his four other favorite releases from Roadrunner Records.

You can find the video of Garrett sharing his five favorite Roadrunner Records releases of all-time below. You will also find a link to a pretty awesome cover that Garrett did of the Pantera song  “Hollow;” Garrett performed the cover to celebrate the recent 30th anniversary of the band’s 1992 album Vulgar Display Of Power.

Spirit Adrift Released A Killer Cover Of Pantera’s “Hollow”


Words by: Michael Pementel