Watch: Musician Survives Random Axe Attack As His Drum Kit Is Destroyed

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When you’re playing drums and minding your own business, one of the last things to cross your mind is that of a possible axe attack. Unfortunately for that of 36-year-old drummer Andy Torres, his jam session did indeed get interrupted by a random axe attack.

As reported by multiple news outlets, including CBS News, Torres was minding his own business and playing drums when a stranger randomly came at his drum set with an axe. This incident took place in a secluded section of Todd Longshore Park in Canyon County, which is northeast on Santa Clarita.

In the video footage of the axe attack, which you can find below, Torres had set up a GoPro camera to capture his performance; as Torres is playing, a man randomly enters the view of the camera, swinging an axe down on where Torres was playing. Thankfully, Torres is able to dodge the axe attack just in time, but his drum kit isn’t as lucky. The attacker chops away at the drum kit, as seen in the video footage. While being interviewed about this incident, Torres says that the attacker even pulled out a gun on him, but that was not captured on the GoPro footage.

Speaking to CBS News about the attack, Torres said, “He just came up swinging already. He didn’t announce himself. He didn’t say get out of the way… He knew what he was going to do. I happened to just get out of the way. It took everything in me not to want to launch at the guy, but I knew I couldn’t do that.”

Torres also shared that no one has before ever complained about his drumming in public. As his attacker fled the scene, Torres was able to get ahold of the man’s license plate number.

We are thankful that Torres is safe! You can find footage of Andy Torres surviving the axe attack below:

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Words by: Michael Pementel