Max Cavalera Shares Story Involving A Bloody In Studio Incident With The Deftones Singer

Max Cavalera
Max Cavalera: Alterna2 (Wikimedia Commons)/ Chino Moreno: Daniel Jordahl (Wikimedia Commons)
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Ex-Sepultura frontman and current Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera has collaborated with an incredibly array of metal artists. From Mike Patton of Faith No More to Tom Araya of Slayer, Max Cavalera has good taste when it comes to artists he collaborates with.

One collaboration that stands out to Cavalera involves Deftones singer Chino Moreno; specifically Max Cavalera recalls a particularly bloody incident where the Deftones singer got banged up real bad.

During a video interview with Revolver – you can view said video below – Max Cavalera speaks to working with the Deftones and the incident that led to Moreno bleeding pretty intensely. The following was transcribed by Ultimate Guitar:

“All of those guys are all friends and people that I like, and I like their music. The thing with Chino started with, actually, the beginning of Soulfly.

I worked on their record, was invited by them. By that time, this idea was actually growing, other bands were doing that. The Deftones called me up, that’s actually a funny story – When we were singing the song, It was like a live setting, both of us with microphones, and he hit his nose on his knee, and his nose exploded like a fountain of blood. There’s blood in his face, and it’s like an amazing scene.

I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is live, this is the shit.’ I want to see blood in the studio every day, this is fucking cool.’ And we didn’t stop, we just kept going. I love all the collaborations, looking forward to do more of that.”

That is some wild shit! Typically you’d think stories pertaining to artist/band injuries would be more associated with being on the road, but this all took place in a studio. Regardless of the injury though, Moreno stayed focused and delivered.

What is your favorite collaboration that Max Cavalera has been a part of?


Words by: Michael Pementel