Love Metal Animals? Watch This Cat Provide Vocals For A Doom Metal Song

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Cat: Zanygenius (Wikipedia) / KTL photo: Andy Newcombe (Wikimedia Commons)
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Metal animals are always a riot; whether they are being presented through video or photos, we love to see our furry little friends taking part in the metal spirit. And this is very much the case for that of “Doom Metal Cat.”

Andy Rehfeldt is a musician, composer, and YouTuber who enjoys creating parody music videos and mashups for fun. In one of Rehfeldt’s recent videos, he has offered metalheads one of the most metal animals around in the form of Doom Metal Cat.

You may recognize the titular cat – that’s because this cat (who meows into a microphone) – has actually been floating around the internet for some time now. Rehfeldt saw a special quality in this cat though, and in taking the cat’s sick vocal work, he laid down a heavy as hell doom composition for him and the furry pal to jam too.

You can watch Rehfeldt’s Doom Metal Cat video below:

Recently Rehfeldt uploaded another “cat metal” related video titled, “Prog Metal Cat.” The video is a riot, much like Doom Metal Cat, but of course… it’s a little more progressive. You can check out the video for Prog Metal Cat below:

What are some metal animals you think are awesome? Perhaps you’ve seen our coverage of Necropug? From the YouTube channel 2SICH, Fedina Anastasia uploaded a video titled “Necropug – Hungry Demon (Official Lyric Video),” which features the titular Necropug causing mayhem over some killer death metal riffs.

Or maybe you are more of a cat person. Then how about Black Metal Cats? Black Metal Cats is a social media page devoted to highlighting cats that embrace the cold attitude of black metal. Folks are able to send in pictures of their cat(s), and then said cat(s) will be paired up with some some of black metal lyrics. It’s as heavy as it is wholesome.


Words by: Michael Pementel