Nu Metal Icon Jonathan Davis Speaks To His Lack Of Interest In Nu Metal

Nu Metal Icon Jonathan Davis Of Korn Speaks To His Lack Of Interest In Nu Metal
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The nu metal genre is a wild anomaly in heavy music; the music is either incredibly shit talked or defended to the high heavens. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis was asked about the nu metal genre, and well, though his response wasn’t super negative, it appears the guy doesn’t have much feeling for the genre.

As part of the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Korn singer Jonathan Davis was interviewed and asked a plethora of different questions. From not headlining the metal and rock festival Download fest, to a video game he was working on, the nu metal genre, and more – Davis had a lot of interesting bits to share.

While more details are provided in the full interview with Davis (the current issue of Metal Hammer is now available), at one point, he is asked about the nu metal genre. Based off his answer, we assume that he must’ve been asked about the genre’s revival in recent years. Modern bands like Code Orange,, Ho99o9, and more are bringing back that iconic nu metal sound (while also providing their own spin on it).

Davis’ statement, as provided online, is brief, but does provide a hint that the Korn singer is not super hyped for the genre that he and his band helped to establish.

Per the Korn vocalist, when talking about the nu metal genre, he said, “I’m glad it‘s back, but the whole nu metal thing, it’s just whatever.”

With Korn’s self-titled studio album debut in 1994, they were one of the big bands (if not, THE band) to establish the genre. DeftonesAdrenaline, another important entry in nu metal’s legacy, would arrive the following year.

When it comes to intense opinions regarding the nu metal genre, it isn’t that difficult to find them. The Papa Roach vocalist recently shared how he used to hate nu metal (though, he did talk about coming around to it later in life). Ghost vocalist Tobias Forge has also spoken to his lack of interest when it comes to nu metal.

If you grew up listening to nu metal – do you still enjoy the music? If you’re someone who doesn’t like the genre, what is it about the music that gets under your skin?

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Words by: Michael Pementel