Jinjer Post Videos + Photos That Show How Fan Donations Have Helped Ukrainian People

Jinjer photo: Doornroosje.nl (https://www.doornroosje.nl/event/jinjer/) (Wikimedia Commons)/ Ukrainian flag: Pilgrim Whynot (Wikimedia Commons)
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Back in early March, Ukrainian metal act Jinjer not only announced that they would be cancelling all previously announced North American tours, but that they would be kicking off a special charity to help out the people of their country. The war taking place in Ukraine has brought tremendous suffering to the Ukrainian people; through selling specially designed merch, Jinjer announced that the profits would go towards Ukrainian charities. Later in March, the band shared that their fans had helped them raise over $140,000.

In a new post, via the Jinjer Instagram account, the band have shared how the generous donations of their fans have helped out the Ukrainian people. In the caption associated with the post, which you can find below, the band discuss how part of the fan-raised funds went towards helping a woman who survived a bombing from Russian airplanes; they also share how some funds went towards nursing homes for the elderly that needed to be evacuated (where some heavy battles took place). Per the band’s caption:

“Dear friends, we wanted to share with you a few updates on the way the money you donated is being used here in Ukraine 🇺🇦 while the war is raging on.
4 000 Euro was directed at Natalia, who survived in Mariupol Drama Theater after it was bombed by Russian planes (we attach the photo of the theater before and after bombing) The woman was heavily injured, now she is evacuated to Zaporizhzhia where she is going through a number of surgeries. Olga, her daughter, is expressing her gratitude to all of you in the video attached.

“We also sent 2 000 Euro to support the nursing home for elderly people which was evacuated from the area of Brovary (the photo of the city after missle attacks is attached) near Kyiv where there were heavy battles a few weeks ago. Elder people are among the most vulnerable categories of Ukrainians during these days.

“Each of you out there, no matter where you are from, contributed a lot to the help for our country simply by ordering one blue and yellow t-shirt. Thank you very much


The good that Jinjer fans have done to help out the Ukrainian people is remarkable. You can find the post from Jinjer below:


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Words by: Michael Pementel