Steve-O Says Kid Rock Once Kicked Him And Prince Was “A Super Jerk” To Him

Kid Rock
Kid Rock: Eva Rinaldi (Wikimedia Commons)/ Steve-O: Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia Commons)/ Prince: penner (Wikimedia Commons)
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For many folks, Jackass movie star Steve-O is someone who brings us cheer – this is apparently not the case if you are Kid Rock or the late Prince.

During an episode of Steve-O’s podcast, Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Steve-O talked to that of fellow Jackass star Chris Pontius about two different incidents where he was trying to do a trick in front of two different celebrities, only for those folks to act in a rude way towards him. Those celebrities are that of Kid Rock and the late Prince.

Per Steve-O, the story involving Kid Rock involves the rocker actually hitting the Jackass star, while the other interaction involves that of the late Prince talking down in regards to Steve-O. Steve-O does say that he “was really annoying” back in the day, but the reactions from both Kid Rock and Prince do come off as rude.

Per the Steve-O’s Wild Ride episode (which you can find below), here is the Jackass star talking about his interaction with Kid Rock:

“I mean dude, I’m always annoying, or at least I was really annoying, and I remember Kid Rock was with Pamela Anderson in like 2001. And I was like, ‘Yo dude, alright man let me show you this trick.’ And I’m like balancing the cup and I’m trying to lay down, and he just fuckin’ kicked me. He just straight kicked me and knocked the cup off my head. Ruined my trick.”

Per that same video, here is the Jackass movie star talking about his interaction with the late Prince:

“Prince was a super jerk to me…So I’m doing my trick, and I had this model girlfriend, and he turns to my model girlfriend and is like, ‘Does this impress you?’ He said it in a real condescending, dick way. And my model girlfriend said, ‘Yeah, it’s actually pretty impressive, you should check it out.’”

Prince making a condescending comment sucks and all, but Kid Rock actually hitting Steve-O? What the hell dude?

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Words by: Michael Pementel