Here Is A Ranking Of The Best Nu Metal Albums Of All Time

nu metal albums
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With nu metal making quite the comeback in recent years, it would only be fitting to ponder over what the best nu metal albums of all time are.

Published by Metal Hammer, the publication reached out to its readers and asked them to vote for what they believe to be the best nu metal albums. Out of the data collected by readers, Metal Hammer compiled a list of 50 nu metal albums; the ranking of these nu metal albums displays 50th place as last, with first place going to the most popular. Each album that made the list is also accompanied by a description pertaining to the respective album and band in that particular rank.

The list displays a tremendous amount of nu metal albums, representing a great array of bands. You have everything from Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, and Linkin Park, to other acts like Spineshank, Chimera, Coal Chamber, and many more.

We’ll give you a little tease as to the ranking of best nu metal albums of all time (per Metal Hammer voters):

50th place goes to Progress by Ultraspank.

25th goes to Satellite by P.O.D.

10th goes to System of a Down by System of a Down.

And 5th goes to Follow The Leader by Korn.

What nu metal album do you think made first place? Check out the full Metal Hammer list to find out.

What are your favorite nu metal albums?

Back in March, we wrote about the Meep Meep Podcast and an interview they conducted with Spineshank vocalist Jonny Santos. When Santos talks about “What is a nu metal band?,” he brings up a really fascinating point:

Santos: “Well what is a nu metal band? If you’re gonna call us nu metal. And then I thought about it and I was like I don’t give a fuck. Ya know what it is? You can’t put a label on the genre of music. If you took us,  and then took Slipknot, and then took System of a Down, and Limp Bizkit – all considered nu metal bands – not a single band sounds anywhere near the fucking same. Nu metal is just a term for like NO RULES.

“I think it’s ironic nu metal is coming back because I see all these guys that used to talk shit on it try to jump on the train. It was an awesome time for metal. It was rad. I was there! You could do whatever the fuck you wanna do! You can sing, you can scream, guitar solo, or not. It was just a melting pot of influences. Did we dress funny and shit like that? Of course we did. It was fucking 20 years ago! I’m sure 20 years from now people will be laughing at what’s happening now.

“I was part of that movement. The fact that we put the Height of Callousness at the height of that movement and the height of our career, that’s cool.”


Words by: Michael Pementel