HELLYEAH Singer Says There Are Unreleased Tracks Featuring The Late Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul

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During a recent conversation with Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ, HELLYEAH singer Chad Gray reveled that the band have unreleased songs that feature the late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul.

HELLYEAH is a metal supergroup that the late Pantera drummer used to be part of; during his time in the band prior to his passing, the late Pantera drummer helped to create six studio albums with HELLYEAH. The band’s latest record is that of 2019’s Welcome Home.

Recently during a conversation with Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ – as part of his web show Drinks With Johnny – HELLYEAH singer Chad Gray spoke to the band having unreleased material that features the late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. News of this material was mentioned while Gray was referring to a difficult period in HELLYEAH’s career – which was after the passing of Paul.

Per Gray:

“When we lost Vinnie, I was just thinking about, ‘We have to do the same thing that we did for Dime for Vinnie now. We have to keep going to keep carrying the flag for Vince.’ It’s been tough. And I’ve talked to Tom [Maxwell, HELLYEAH guitarist] a little bit, I’ve talked to members, and we’ve talked about… writing some music. We don’t know what the touring plans would be ever— maybe ever again—but we could still release music.”

Gray then went on to mention the unreleased material featuring the late Vinnie Paul:

“I think there are, like, two or three songs that Vinnie [Paul, late Pantera drummer] actually tracked drums to that we didn’t end up [finishing] for whatever reason. So, there is a potential for us to write maybe a couple of more songs with Vinnie’s drums added on.”

How excited are you to hear new music from HELLYEAH featuring that of the legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul? You can find the full interview with Chad Gray and Johnny Christ below.


Words by: Michael pementel