Gene Simmons Calls Out Beyonce And Says She Can’t Rock His Onstage Outfit

Gene Simmons Calls Out Beyonce And Says She Can't Rock His Onstage Outfit
Beyoncé: Beyoncé Facebook page/ Gene Simmons: Tilly antoine (Wikimedia Commons)
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Kiss bassist Gene Simmons loves to have an opinion. Whether he is dissing Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe, chiming in about rapper Kanye West and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, or even throwing smack at that of The Batman – Gene Simmons loves to throw his two cents in where he can. To add to Simmons’ plethora of comments about other celebrities, during a recent interview with ET, Simmons called out that of R&B singer Beyonce.

During the interview, Simmons speaks to the costume he wears for live performances. One of the most trademark elements of Kiss has always been the band’s performance attire; from their platform heels to their makeup and glittery costumes, Kiss have always had a sense of pizazz when it comes to their onstage rock gear.

While Simmons also name drops other artists, he leans specifically more into mentioning R&B singer Beyonce. Referring to his outfit, which includes “seven-to-eight-inch platform heels, dragon boots that each weigh as much as a bowling ball” – Simmons says Beyonce (and those other artists) would pass out in a half hour from performing in his gear.

Per Gene Simmons himself from that interview:

“You got to understand — we love Jagger and Bruno Mars and Bono and anybody else, they’re all great, but if you put those guys — Beyonce, put Beyonce in my outfit with seven-to-eight-inch platform heels, dragon boots that each weigh as much as a bowling ball,” he said. “The entire outfit, studs, leather and armor is about 40 pounds. The guitar and the studs is 12 pounds by itself. Then, you got to spit fire, fly through the air, and do that for two hours. They would pass out within a half hour.”

What do you folks think – do you think Beyonce could rock Gene Simmons’ Kiss look? What are some fashionable onstage costumes in metal and rock that you think are bad ass?


Words by: Michael Pementel