Ex-Deftones Bassist And Ex-Every Time I Die Singer Are Teaming Up For New Song

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Sergio Vega: Mandy Hall Media (Wikimedia Commons)/ Keith Buckley: Henry Laurisch (Wikimedia Commons)
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Ex-Deftones bassist Sergio Vega has been keeping himself busy since exiting the band. A new project of the ex-Deftones bassist involves him teaming up with none other than ex-Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley.

As to what that project involving Vega and Buckley entails, you can find what Vega had to say about it below (as transcribed by The PRP):

“…So basically in short, it’s a writing project with a friend of mine named Chris Enriquez, he plays drums in the band Spotlights. And what we’re doing is a single based project. You get with a singer, you talk a little bit about a vibe and we write a song together. And that’s it.

“We write and record the song, we give it a little digital component—it was kind of inspired by an Argentine hip-hop producer, who has this series of songs that he does with a lot of artists. [It’s] mostly rappers and some singers, [he] does a song, records it, that’s it. It’s a series. And the idea of building that as a modality in this kind of music was really, really exciting.

“You don’t have the thing of trying to build the band. You don’t have to deal with the time conflicts with the people you may want to work with, it opens up a lot. So currently we have a song done. We have [another] one almost done. And then last week we started working on a track with Keith Buckley [ex-Every Time I Die singer.]

“…It’s super exciting because we got on the phone and we just talked about life. He, Chris and I had a quick FaceTime. We hadn’t met each other, obviously [we’re] well aware of each other. And we really, really hit it off. So it’s a rare time that I feel compelled to mention the person because of the situation.

“Just the spark that came off of that. They did with the other projects as well. But it was just a thing of like ‘Oh my god.’ We talked, we hit it off, I picked up my guitar immediately and started tracking an idea based off our conversation.”

Back this past February, Keith Buckley spoke about some personal struggles of his and the possible future of Every Time I Die. It was also reported last month that Every Time I Die may already be making new music. More on those stories via the links below.

Are you excited for this new project involving the ex-Deftones bassist and ex-Every Time I Die vocalist?

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Words by: Michael Pementel