System Of A Down Song Gets Played Over Amazon Warehouse Speakers, Gets Shut Down For Being “Inappropriate”

System of a Down
Serj Tankian: System of a Down Facebook page/ Daron Malakian: Mauricio Alvarado/ Amazon warehouse: Maryland GovPics/Joe Andrucyk (Wikipedia)
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For many of us, listening to music helps the work day go by; and for some folks, they’d really like to listen to some System of a Down. However, when one Amazon warehouse employee decided to play a System of a Down song over the Amazon warehouse speakers where they work, the company wasn’t too happy.

TikTok user vivalahabibi monica uploaded a video of someone attempting to play the System of a Down song “Chop Suey” over Amazon warehouse speakers. The video captures a few seconds of the System of a Down song “Chop Suey,” just before it is abruptly cut. Per the text on the TikTok video:

“Our Amazon warehouse played System of a Down not even for a minute before they changed it because it was inappropriate.”

Per the text caption associated with this video, the TikTok user wrote:

“THATS THE LAST TIME I MAKE A SUGGESTION 😩🤚!!! @systemofadown #soad #systemofadown #numetaltiktok #alttiktok #amazonwarehouse #amazonworker #trending #viral #fyp”

After the SOAD song “Chop Suey” gets turned off, the TikTok user shares a more laid back pop tune that is being played. Per the onscreen text associated with this moment:

“How do you go from SOAD to this??? *YAWN*”

That same TikTok user uploaded another TikTok video that features music from Tame Impala; in the text associated with that video, they wrote the following:

“Surprised our Amazon warehouse played TAME IMPALA and not the usual top 40s radio bs that fries my brain like an egg.”

You can find both of these videos below.

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Music can help make the work environment much more peaceful and chill; for some folks, that music can be nu metal, or even death metal. Maybe somewhere out there there’s an employer who is fine with having SOAD blasted over speakers.

Have you had any fun or funny moments playing metal in your place of work?

@vivalahabibi THATS THE LAST TIME I MAKE A SUGGESTION 😩🤚!!! @systemofadown #soad #systemofadown #numetaltiktok #alttiktok #amazonwarehouse #amazonworker #trending #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – monica 🦋

@vivalahabibi But nonetheless I’m grateful my job plays music even if it’s 🗑 lol no complaints #psychadelicrock #indierock #tameimpala #indietiktok #amazonwarehouse #amazonworker #amazonrobotics #trending #viral ♬ original sound – monica 🦋

System of a Down Guitarist Chimes In On MGK Cover Of “Aerials” – “I can’t hate the guy for giving it a shot”


Words by: Michael Pementel