David Draiman Recently Hinted That The Recording Of The New Disturbed Album Is Done

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The new Disturbed album might be arriving soon! Via a recent post made on his Instagram account (said post has since been deleted), Disturbed singer David Draiman shared some information that involved a whiteboard with details on it that could pertain to the new Disturbed album.

Said whiteboard appeared to have ten tracks listed, including “Divisive,” “Won’t Back Down,” and “Unstoppable,” as well as the tunings for each track. In the caption associated with this update, David Draiman wrote, “And that’s a wrap people. #HolyShitIsThisGood #epic @disturbed.”

This new Disturbed album would be the band’s latest release since that of 2018’s Evolution. Previously, David Draiman has spoken to how the band’s new music has a vibe that is between The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists. This new Disturbed album would mark the band’s eighth studio album release.

Are you excited for a new Disturbed album? Currently, what is your favorite Disturbed album?

In other news related to Disturbed singer David Draiman, the vocalist recently came to the defense of rapper Lil Nas X. When a TV show host said some nasty words to Lil Nas X over Twitter, Draiman stepped in and called out said TV host. You can read more details about that story by clicking the link below:

Disturbed Singer Comes To The Defense Of Rapper Lil Nas X

Draiman was also in some hot water recently over a post he made on Twitter that did not go too well for him. The post was related to the student loan debt crisis; specifically, Draiman posted a cartoon that spoke to how to “solve” the student loan debt crisis. While some Twitter users did agree with the sentiment of the cartoon the Disturbed singer shared, many were not happy with what said cartoon had to say. To see that cartoon for yourself and to read more about the story, click the link below:

Disturbed Singer Faces Criticism Over Social Media Post Regarding Student Loan Debt


Words by: Michael Pementel