Bruce Dickinson Talks Recording Vocals In A Dilapidated Kitchen For The Iron Maiden Album The Number of the Beast

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The Iron Maiden album The Number of the Beast celebrated its 40th anniversary as of this past March 22nd. As a monumental achievement in heavy metal, we are always intrigued to hear new stories pertaining to the creation of this brilliant Iron Maiden album.

In a recent interview with Consequence, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson shared some extra insight into the recording process behind the Iron Maiden album The Number of the Beast. In the interview, Dickinson talks about the “big party atmosphere” that was part of the recording process, as well as the very unique place where he ended up having to record his vocals.

Per Dickinson:

“I did most of my vocals in a dilapidated kitchen, so it had been stripped out. There was nothing in there except a load of wet plaster on the walls and me. So to say there was a natural echo would be an understatement. So that was me in there.

“Yeah, it was a great experience and there was a kind of a big party atmosphere throughout the whole thing. In fact, we actually made a wall of [kegs]. We actually had the entire wall of the control room was actually a pyramid of kegs of beer that we drunk during the proceedings. We’d be up ’till four or five in the morning just like you know, after we’ve finished recording [and we were] listening back to what we’d recorded until basically the producer said ‘right. You need to go to bed because you’ve got to come back again and do this all again tomorrow.

“There was a really great vibe and and we thought ‘this feels special’ and it was.”

We love to hear stories like this when it comes to legendary bands and the incredible music they’ve made; to hear stories about the work that went into making the music, as well as the fun things that took place during the process. Dickinson also spoke to Consequence about the album he was listening to prior to creating The Number of the Beast that was very influential to him.

What does The Number of the Beast mean to you? Is it your favorite Iron Maiden album?

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Words by: Michael Pementel