Brass Against Singer Shares “No Pee Zone” Sign Onstage And Is On Tour With Tool

Brass Against
Brass Against: Brass Against Facebook/ Tool: Travis Shinn
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Last year, Brass Against took the heavy music world by storm when their singer infamously peed on a fan during a live performance. The audience member in the crowd willingly volunteered himself to come on stage and be peed on by Brass Against singer Sophia Urista. The fan laid done on stage and – the deed was done.

There was a lot of backlash regarding the Brass Against singer peeing on the consenting adult audience member; police ended up investigating the incident and the band were banned from NASCAR-affiliated venues. We wrote an op-ed about this incident and defended the Brass Against singer Sophia Urista.

However, after all the controversy, after all the backlash – Brass Against just played an incredibly awesome show with none other than Tool!

This past Saturday (April 23rd) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Brass Against played their first show as a supporting act for Tool. Tool must have apparently heard about Brass Against covering Tool songs.

In a recent post that she made on her Twitter account – and seeming to show off a great sense of humor – Brass Against singer Sophia Urista took a picture of a not so subtle sign that is onstage where both bands performed.

Per the sign, it reads:

“NO PEE ZONE. No Urine Is To Be- Deposited Placed, Distributed, Sprinkled, Poured, and/or Spread In This Immediate Area.”

Someone is surely having themselves a good laugh with that one. It is cool though to see Urista seeming to find the sign as a comical gesture.

We love to see that the band are still out and about creating performing. What are your thoughts regarding that infamous 2021 onstage moment where Sophia Urista peed on an audience member?

Below you will find two videos – one of Brass Against covering the Tool song “The Pot,” and another of them covering the Tool song “Lateralus.”


Words by: Michael Pementel